Friday, June 3, 2011

Making Lip Stick with Crayons:) Completely Cool and Completley Safe:) PROMISE!!!

Ok so me being the ultimate do it yourself type of person wanted to find an easy cost effective way to make lipstick and low and behold through my research I found several ways to make lipstick with ease using those ole school crayons we all had back in the day. Below is a simple yet effective recipe anyone can try:)

Tools needed

Old lipstick/lipgloss container (rolled down and cleaned out) or any small container with lid
Box of crayons( non toxic of course)
1 100% non colored beeswax candle (1inch diameter)
 3 tablespoons of Mineral oil  ( or baby oil, or soy oil, or coconut oil etc)
Heat resistant cup
Plastic zip lock bags
Pot (to melt crayons and oils in)


1)       Take off  paper labels from the crayons, and place them in  zip lock bag. 

2)       Break up the crayons into smaller pieces with a hammer and put pieces, oil, and one inch piece of candle in heat resistant cup and place cup in a sauce pan on the stove.

3)       Fill the saucepan with enough water to reach about an inch up the side of the cup. Heat the contents of the pan on a low temperature setting, stirring occasionally, until the ingredients in the cup melt together.

4)      Remove from heat and take the cup out of the pan. Allow the contents to cool slightly--about one to three minutes.

5)      Pour the mixture into a small container or an empty lipstick tube while still warm. Allow the lipstick to cool completely (uncovered). Cover or close the container. Now you have your very own cool lipstick shade made by YOU:) ENJOY!


  1. what an excellent idea! I always look for innovative ways of make up because I like trying new styles and then telling my friedns about it. The time I saw the coolest thing was in Argentina. I had an apartment in buenos aires and my neighbour was a lady who used lipstick made of wax! And it looked great on her!

  2. This is so out there, I'm going to try it.