Thursday, November 24, 2011

5 ways to prevent getting that extra thickness/fatness over the holidays:)

5 ways to prevent holdiay buldge

Its that time of the year guys. Families are gathering together. Lights are shining. Kitchens are being filled with the sweet aromas of turkeys, dressings, and grandma's sweet potatoe pie. Another not so welcoming event of the holidays are those lovely pounds that creep up around this time and never seeem to really leave after all the festivities are over. Below are 10 ways that help prevent some of the holiday thickness. I hope you enjoy:)

Tip 5

Try eating a healthy breakfast in the morning to prevent holiday binging all together. Many of us try to "save room" only to over compensate over the holiday weekend and beyond.  If we start the day off right we can eat more reasonably throughout the day.

Tip 4

Try to limit house vists to about two. If at all possible try to host the holiday event at your place. That way you can avoid the temptation of over eating just beacuse you have five houses to visit and you don't want to be rude.

Tip 3

Try limiting your refills, or get a smaller plate to limit portions. I know that may seem impossible but try it. No one said you can't induldge in all your favorite holiday meals.... moderation is key:)

Tip 2

If you can't limit how much your eating...try to alter what your eating. If you start filling that plate with the fruit tray and grandma's collard greens can tack on the good stuff too in moderation without feeling so bad:). I try to have a huge plate of green, a salad , friut and anything else healty first. Then I add my lean meats like trukey breast,  and then if there is any room left the dresing and the mac and cheese:)

Tip 1

No leftover rule. Ok we alll can have room to indulge at leat one day a month on whatever we want so lets make it FOR ONE DAY ONLY. Leave those take home plates. Enjoy the day and start fresh the next with healthy eating and excercise. :)

I hope my little tidbits can help you enjoy those holiday months a little healthier, slimmer and happier:) I'm M Kyles and I'm out!!!:)

OOh my ole school naturals tha Ojay's :) Climbing up the stairway to heaven naturally;)