Sunday, May 15, 2011


Part II of How to do two strand Twists

Ok so now that we have all mastered the art of parting, we can move on to the good stuff…..Making the twists!!! All versions explained in this piece will be without the use of add on hair which will be in part 3 of making two strand twists. In this article I will explain 4 of the most commonly used twisting methods: Cross over two strand twist with out pretwisted sections, two strand twist with twisted ends, the flat twist, and finally rolling.

Basic cross over twisting ( two strand twist)

Start off with any of the parting methods listed in Part 1 of our two strand twisting series. Take one sectioned off part and split the chunk of hair in two. Cross one end of the hair over the other and continue this motion until you reach the end of your hair. Repeat this method throughout the entire head. Results will be puffier twists that are not as secure at the ends ( think about how one might style a young child’s hair with hair bows at the bottom and there you go). You can also make a gorgeous twist out with these basic twists. Simply take the twists down and don’t comb your hair out.

Cross over twisting with pre twisted sections ( Rope twisting)

This method is very similar to the basic cross over method, except this time you take the spilt chunk of hair in your part of choice and pre twist each piece in the chunk completely and separately before finishing in the basic cross over twist to make a tighter look. This sounds more complicated than what it is but it results in a neater and secure form of twisting. Once you’ve practiced for a bit on one or two you can go ahead and finish the rest of your hair and be on your way.

Flat twists ( Type 1 and 2)

Type 1
Now flat twists are started diferently than the former twisting styles , but still follow the basic concpet of the two strand twist. Instead of doing small elaborate box, triangle, or half moon parts, we will simply go to the desired place of the head ( in this example I will explain parting and twisting from the crown across the head),  and part with a rat tail comb horizontally as long as you would like it to be. Repeat another section like this for bout the width that you would like the flat twist. Split the hair in two sections at the very front and cross over twist while picking up small portions of hair as you move along the part you just made. Repeat for the desired sections and your done.

Type 2 (rolling)

Start the part for this twist in the same fashion as you did type one and simply "roll" the hair as tight as possible long the line of the part till you get to the end and secure. See video below for a visual explaination of both twistig methods.

I hope I haven't twisted you to death with this article:) Stay tuned for the final part of this series "Twisting with add on".

By M Kyles of Kyles Natural