Monday, August 1, 2011

Real People Real Answers : Mens Edition 6

“Living Naturally You”
Real People Real Answers
 What is your name?

 Braxton Pitre. You have to say the full name like "Will Smith, Kenneth Cole, etc." Or just call me Pitre (pronounced "Pee-tree")

How old are you?

  I am Ageless

Where are you from?

  Born and raised in Hot Phoenix, Az. I moved to Florida for a while but I'm back in AZ now.

What is your occupation?
  Youtuber, Entertainer,  Athlete, Minister of Music, Dancer, College Student, Entrepreneur. 

How would you describe yourself?

 I have 2 sides to me for sure!
 Braxton Pitre (or Pitre) is goofy, dramatic, lame, and random.
Braxton|Keith is more of the professional, business type guy that like the luxury of things. 

When did you first decide to grow locs?

  Here in Az, most African-American men wear a clean cut fade. When I moved to Florida, it seemed like EVERYBODY (I mean EVERRR-E-BODY) was rockin their natural hair and locs. That grew on me. I said to myself, hair is meant to grow, why would I continue to cut off something God gave me? If God wanted all men with short hair, he wouldn't let it grow past a certain length.
So I been growing my hair since St. Patrick's Day, and started my Loc Journey July 7th 2011 *check me out @ *

Loc Journey Part 2

If you could describe your style in one word what would it be?

My style is a Urban Luxure

Who are some of the people that inspire you most?

  I 1st give all honor to God then I would say would say my Grandparents. All my friends and subscribers on youtube (Thank You)
And of course Kyles Natural (you are truly an amazing person :)

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Mmm a positive inspiration to others without changing who I am or what I stand for. (If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything).

What advise would you give others who wanted to embrace their individuality?

10. I'm fine not being or liking or doing what everybody is doing. So my advice would be to blend out, not in. Look at for thumb fingerprint and remember NOBODY has the same print as you, you are already a unique individual.

What is your favorite quote?

  "Ex Nihilo" from nothing to something .

Bonus questions: Because most black men's hair is in its natural state do you think when it comes to self expression it is easier for them to stay true to their "roots"? :) What do you think about women and natural hair ?

Bonus: Of course, as men, that's all we know is being natural (I mean some use Scurl and stuff) but for the most part, we don't add or use all the extra things women do. As I continue thru my loc journey I'm beggining to be more attracted to women love being natural but at the same time change it up .
Braxton "Bubba" Pitre.

7 tips on how to save your realtionship

We all have been here before. A seemingly good relationship starts to fall apart because of neglect, and lack of consideration for another. Love alone sometimes isn't enough to keep relationships from breaking up, but a healthy dose of positive action with that love ...can be the difference between happily ever after, and the long path of loneliness.

Tip #1. Keep a positive mindset.  Couples get back together ALL the time, regardless of their situation.  Staying hopeful and changing your attitude may be the first step in changing the whloe course of your relationship.

Tip #2. Don't be pushy.  The worst thing you can do is be pushy towards your partner and have them react negatively.  Don't be push the situation.  Be structured in saving your relationship.

Tip #3. Learn to communicate your ideas and points in a manner that is easy to be heard.  This ties in with being pushy.  You know how your partner is and you know how they react, you have to "sneak in" the relationship fixing stuff in a positive way so it's taken much better.

Tip #4. Bring in the old great memories!  Go out together if you can and relive some of your memories that brought you together.  Remember how special you are together, and more importantly, remember WHY you are so special to each other.

Tip #5. Smile!  Smiling actually makes you feel better.  Smile at your spouse.  Make them smile back.  Things are hard, but you both are stronger together. 

Tip #6 Normal touch is very important too!  Touching actually causes chemical reactions inside your body!  Make sure that you set these off.  Remember why you are meant for each other.  Touch each other, make each other feel good.  Hug each other.  Hugging does wonders.  It's the simple stuff that saves a relationship.

Tip #7. Talk with knowledgeable trusted mediators in good relationships.  Having both sides being able to freely express themselves to friends can make things come full circle and have your issues known among each other. 


Honey Lip gloss
  • 1 tsp beeswax
  • 1 tsp of honey
  • 2 tsp almond oil
    Small container for lip balm

Heat the ingredients in small increments of time so as not to overheat. Melt the beeswax in the microwave. And then mix all the ingredients in a small bowl and whisk to blend completely. Pour into a small container and let cool until set.

Honey Citrus Lip Gloss
  • 7-8 tsp. sweet almond oil
  • 2 tsp. beeswax
  • 1 Vitamin E capsule
  • 1 tsp. honey
  • 5 drops citrus flavoring or essential oil (we like lime)
  • Microwave-safe container with lid
  • Cosmetic/balm container with lid
Melt the sweet almond oil and beeswax together in the microwave safe container for 1-2 minutes. remove the mixture from the microwave, and pierce the vitamin E capsule with a pin, and squirt into mixture. whisk the contents of the Vitamin E capsule, honey, and flavoring, into the oil mixture, continuing to whisk until set. Once it is set take it in a Cosmetic container.


Ole school natural Chaka Khan !!! Whew that lady can really sang any song can't she!!!