Monday, June 13, 2011

3 Tips on stopping an argument in its tracks :)

Be it a family member, friend or co worker....arguments are never fun....especially with those of which you love most. Below are some tips I found useful in keeping the peace :)

1) In the mist of the heat try your very best to imagine good moments with that person, or how they may have helped you in the past. In fact if you do this BEFORE the argument starts to flare may avoid this collision in the first place. The goal is to dispel anger before it even occurs...this is the root of many arguments.

2) Talking in a quiet, respectable manner. It is my experience that no one...AND I DO MEAN NO ONE ...wants to have a discussion with someone who is offending them or yelling at them.  It's a thin line between a discussion or a debate and actual arguing and many times its all in the way one presents the information at hand. Try thinking very hard before you speak. Sometimes throwing a smile in at the right time may make your discussion stay just that:). Also keep in mind that once something is can't be taken back. Use this info to make each moment as special as it can be for your loved one in the future.

3) Remove the finger pointing phase of "You" from every argument. It only fuels the flames and the person with whom you are talking has stop listening to you and is focusing on their own anger. Unfortunately this alone is very VERY hard for most people to do...but once mastered it can create a bridge of understanding between both parties involved. We are in charge of our own destiny as they say. If you don't like what someone else is doing ...take a few moments to examine how you are contributing to the environment in a negative way. As a matter of fact replacing you with "we" or focusing on how the two of you in general can create a more positive atmosphere versus the whole blame game can be a life saver in preventing arguments.

I hope this article has helped with the battle of misunderstandings that we all go through at some point with our closest loved ones. If nothing else maybe it will help you think twice before starting up some "mess" that may be very hard to clean up later in your relationships:)

By M Kyles of Kyles Natural

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