Monday, June 20, 2011

LOCKING SERIES PART 2: Upcaled Tightened Coiles:)

Locking is one of my upmost favorite topics to talk about. In this article I will expand upon two advanced level techniques of starting and tightening locks. The two advanced techniques we will go over in this article is interlocing and starting locs from a basic add on way/interlocing combination.

Interlocing : Basic clock method(4 pattern) for tightly coiled hair 

12    9    6    3

When you begin the interlocing process its a very intricate and timely process but may be well worth the wait for many. To begin this process ( note this process CAN be started on permed or straight hair as well:) First part your hair in your desired method. You will make the parts in the size of the resulting loc that you want. Use some hair clamps to keep the hair in place and prevent it from mixing into the rest of your parts,Gather the bunch of hair that you parted and back comb it while holding the very bottom of the hair to make it a little tangled. Envision the hands of a clock place your finger in the "12 o clock" position  and almost like a knife cut through the hair and stop before the matted piece. Proceed to take your finger in the "9 o clock" position a inside this hole you made and bring the finger through to you get to the matted hair. Do this process for "6 o clock" and "3 o clock". Repeat this rotation until you have almost reached the scalp of the clients head. Once you get to a point where your fingers no longer fit you will use either a latch hook ( you can get this at a craft store or local beauty supply store), a loc loop tool  (can buy on line), a sisterloc tool ( tool you get from certified sisterlocing specialist) or wait until my future article on making your on :). Take your hook of choice and place it in this last amount of hair in a way that you would close off the gap you left with your fingers . Place the tip of the hair in the grasping portion of the tool and pull the hair through in the clock like motion until the hair is comfortably tight to the clients head. Depending on how many locs the clients wants, the length of the hair started , and the size of the client's head itself.... this process can take anywhere from 12 and I heard stories ranging into the 37 hour time frame.

Note: This Method is usually used for small locs to sisterlocksTM . 
The main differnece between small locs and sisterlocks is the certification for sisterlocs
and the actual number of locs with sisterlocks starting off at a minimum of 350 locs..WHEW

Note: In this video the woman starts from 9 oclock

Locing from Human Add on ( Basic method)

I highly recommend using a human hair afro bulk for this method as it looks the most natural ( EON hair online is a supplier I have used in the past and worked just fine).  Part hair in desired. Add in afro kinky hair as described in Basic Braiding Methods Part II . Do this to the entire head. It is my recommendation that you do these (kinky braids) on the smaller end so that they appear to be small locs. You may roller set or pipe cleaner set this hair for an added effect. Once the new growth appears simply use your favorite locking tool to tightening in the 4 pattern as described previously. You may clip the ends slowly as your own loced hair grows or opt to allow the human hair to mat with your own for " the instant locs overnight" look:)

Well as I say in all my You tube vids "THATS IT!!" :) I hope you liked my basic series on twisting braiding and locing:) If you did ...wait to you see my advanced natural hair articles coming to a Kyles Natural Hair Care blog near you:)

By M Kyles of Kyles Natural

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