Wednesday, August 24, 2011



Not all people are huge fans of lipstick..but a cool middle ground may be a  inexpensive home made lip stain. All the color none of the mess right from your kitchen:)

  1. Kool-Aid 


    Though not the most natural lip stain choice, Kool-Aid is simple and inexpensive, offering several color choices, including violet, berry, and various reds. To use, simply mix a packet of Kool-Aid with enough water to form a paste. Apply using a cotton swab or lip brush, taking care not to stain outside the lip line. Leave the paste on the lips for three to five minutes to allow it to absorb, then remove the excess with a wet tissue, or lick the residue away. (A word of warning: licking unsweetened Kool-Aid from your lips is not as tasty as you might imagine.) To add a bit of glossiness to the look, top with petroleum jelly, beeswax or your favorite lip balm.



    For a more natural option free of artificial dyes, Janice Cox, author of "The Herb Companion," suggests this recipe using dried beet root. Melt two tablespoons of sunflower oil and one tablespoon of grated beeswax in a microwave or saucepan. Though the mixture may separate at first, it will congeal as it cools. Gradually add beet powder and mix until you've attained your desired shade, which may take anywhere from 1/8 to a full teaspoon. With this recipe, you should be able to create shades ranging from pale pink to deep red. It makes approximately an ounce of lip stain.

    Variations on this recipe include applying juice from canned or mashed beets directly to your lips with a lip brush or cotton swab. Let the juice absorb for three to five minutes before blotting away the excess. As with Kool-Aid, take great care not to apply outside the lip line, as beet juice can stain quickly and be difficult to remove. For a natural, glossy look, top with beeswax or aloe vera gel mixed with a bit of vitamin E oil.



    Other natural lip stain options include fresh berry juice collected from cherries, strawberries or raspberries. Either apply these juices directly to your lips or mix with beeswax or petroleum jelly for a glossier look and feel.

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