Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Twisting Methods: Part 1 the Parts


Ok so all you FROed up peeps will give me many of thanks for revealing some very simple techniques used to twist our beautiful manes of hair. Some people will use add on. Some won't. Some people like their twist micro, while others prefer them large. Twists come in all different textures, sizes , lengths and shapes. If you ever wanted to figure out the challenge of the two strand twist...or you are way too lazy to do all that work and just thought it would be cool to know how professionals do it....THIS ARTICLE IS FOR YOU;)

THE BASICS: Tools needed ( Freshly washed and conditioned hair, rat tailed comb , clips or hair ties, and your favorite moisturizer).
So you've had that fro for a while now and you wanted to try this whole two strand twisting thing. I think the most important part of any two strand twisting techniques( or any braiding/twisting/ or locking style for that matter) is just that ...THE PARTS.:)

Basic Box Part

Starting at the nape of the neck use your handy dandy rat tail comb , and take the tail portion of the comb. Gage the size of the twist you would like to have and part horizontally in a straight line . Now simply part from left to right equal sized squares about as wide as you would like each twist would be. Repeat this on entire head...and BAM! THERE YOU GO!.... the box part.:)

Traingle/Peak Parting

Now here is where the parting gets a little on the advanced side , but I will explain as best as possible. That same process you took to start the box part ( parting how much you want horizontally). Instead of squares we will part at a 45 degree angle right. The second part will mirror the first part .You will part the second part at a 45 degree angle left. Repeat this process throughout the entire head and viola ....DONE:)

Half Moon Parting

Imma let her do all the explaining on this one lol:)

Stay Tuned For Twisting Methods Part 2 where we explain what to do once we have our parting down pack;)

By: M kyles of Kyles Natural

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